Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have you ever had such a BIG blister?
Yes, that's my foot. This is the souvenir I'm nursing from having conquered 9km. Apart from having to run in the rain (it stopped raining when the run was over) , I also had to contend with knowing my sock was somehow moving around & doing something nasty in my shoe. The moral of the story is - wear good socks. It can prevent this eyesore.
It's finally drying up & I am looking forward to the gigantic scab it will become. When the skin heals completely & the scab drops off, I'm going to send the scab to my friend in Hong Kong. After all, how often does one get scabs this big? Treasure should be shared.


kba said...

the same friend in HK who turned 50 this year too and is expected to come back in Dec for a nice reunion?? so thoughtful of you. please do not put yourself out on my part with any such generous gestures. I really don't know how I will reciprocate if you did, but trust me I will reciprocate the thought!!

anyway, hope you heal soon. that does look nasty and you have quite a bit of walking to do over the weekend, I fancy. Ahem.

pat said...

Oh Mingying you looked so nice in that picture with that wide, red-lipped smile! ... oh - that was your foot?? No wonder so few lines.

Hey man, thanks for the scab offer! Nowadays I'm afraid to use too much of my existing scab supply, in case I run out; as a result my soups are much less tasty.

Come to think of it, since you'll be in Italy this weekend, why don't you air dry your foot there, with a bit of sea salt? Then your scab will taste like prosciutto.