Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Half Marathon
Yes I did it. Still can't believe it. But I did run 16km...walked 4km....then ran the last 1km. My average speed was 6.9km/hr. That's kind of slow compared to others. But I wasn't last. Took me 3 hrs 5 mins. Have to figure out how to shave off 30-35 minutes to have a more respectable time.
So here's the thing about perspective. I can still remember clearly when I did my first 5km run. It seemed so long. I could not imagine doing a 10km. But I took incremental steps. There was the 8km, 10km....triathlons...15km...then 21.1km. I can't imagine doing the 42.2km but perhaps I will one day.
It was not funny Sunday afternoon. I had a blister on my left sole and my right second toe looked dark. Yesterday I realized I had a huge liquidy blister on my left foot. Walking....and going up and down stairs on Sunday put me in agony. I felt like an old lady.
But here I am. Two days later. Pretty much back to normal. Amazing.

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