Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NB Real Run
Sunday 19 Oct @ Changi Expo. It was a frying hot day and all 10,000+ runners were cooked well done. As usual, I was wondering why I signed up for the 15Km when there was a 10km available. Now I remember....I was attracted by the red freebie NB tee. So mindless. Well, the first 4km was the trail bit. It was uneven and full of rocks just the size to make one stumble and fall. I was ready to quit because I felt like we were in the desert. The start time was 745am and the sun was blazing like a furnace. Never bailed on anything so far so didn't want to start doing that. The awful part was the long, long, shadeless Aviation Road. I refused to run and just did my best power-walk. No desire to get heat stroke. My heart rate was pounding at 160-179bpm running & about 140-145bpm while walking. Unusually high. Must've been the sun. The only bits where I did run was in the shade near the Changi ferry terminal. Well, so glad when completed the event though it took me a good 2hr 18mins. Talk about slow. The only other good thing about this event was the nice toilets. That expo building is wonderfully big with clean toilets scattered all over the place. Lovely. 

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