Monday, September 20, 2010

21 days to 10.10.10 and 75 days to 5.12.10. Current status - severely out of condition. Still suffering from yesterday's 1st Team Fatbird Operation Sunbird training. Plan was to do 24km. Only managed 13km after U-turn at F2 carpark. Weird took me 1 hr 20 mins to get there but only 1 hr to get I knew my distances were off. But it was nearly 8am when started so I was really roasting away. Legs are aching. Not as bad as on Sat 11.9.10 when I did a longish run - to Botanics via Clementi. Was too excited in the morning so didn't eat anything and we had to wait nearly an hour for everyone to gather - like 150 fatbird trainees. Nice bunch. Looking forward to it. Kinda like the Joyriders. So these are my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for the remainder of 2010. Have to figure out a way to pick up my pace :P

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