Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
I'm sitting in a noisy internet room above a shop. It's buzzing with the sounds of shooting and explosions. On my left is Tim's caddy and on my right a little further is my little caddy. They couldn't be older than Elliott.
We played 11 holes in what must be the muddiest golf course I've ever trampled around in. We had to stop because of the rain. Now I know where my tip & caddy fees have ended up in. They're real cute though and they did a good job as caddies.
We're staying just down the road at a quaint old, old house that overlooks the 8th hole. It's called 'Mount Vernon'. For us Singaporeans who have been to the other Mt Vernon, it's quite amusing to be living in this one.
Best part is that it comes with an excellent cook, Mrs Wong. Her sole responsibility is to feed us silly. She does her job very well. She makes this killer belachan that made her noodles simply delicious. Looking forward to the curry puffs we'll be gobbling down for tea later.

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