Saturday, December 17, 2005

Xmas vs CNY
It's impossible to read today's Straits Times without seeing some ad on shopping. On the front page is some short write-up on how the weekend before Christmas (yes, today & tomorrow) are the 2 busiest shopping days of the year! All the shops gear up for these two galore and open till late. Just the thought of venturing to Orchard Road to battle the crowds gives me a mild headache. Also, I can't stand it that LTA has decided to cash in by charging ERP in the evenings!!!! Plus there is now ANOTHER gantry, in addition to the one at Tangs, just past Plaza Singapura. Talk about cash cow.

I have to confess. I prefer CNY to Christmas. My personal opinion is that it is truer to the meaning of the season. There are too many things about Christmas that are commercialized and in a way, infiltrated by other things. Although I do enjoy things like log cakes, Christmas trees, exchanging presents, attending parties.....and on the rare occasion, shopping till you drop.

When I was standing at the cashier counter at Tangs waiting for my stuff, I found I was staring straight at a sign (behind the cashiers) that said Even wise men seek Jesus. Interesting. What a clever man - Mr CK Tang. I admire that. I remember as a kid that Tangs was not open on Sundays.

To me, the reason for the season is to reflect on the incredible......preposterous even.......idea that God became human. The concept of Incarnation. I think it's mind-blowing. I can only try to begin to grasp it. Is that something like me condescending to be an ant? Not quite I don't think.

For some perspective, I am reminded of my recent plane trip looking out my window on the same level of the clouds, at the tiny little houses and roads from 20,000 ft. I couldn't even see the people because they were too small. The rivers and plots of land were the same size as what I would draw if I were to take my pen and draw some squiggles on a piece of paper. See what I mean. It's a miracle....really.

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