Monday, August 14, 2006

Appetitizing Dinner Talk?
The setting. Multi-generational family meal. Some are finishing the main meal and others are starting on fruit & dessert. The conversation is usually light & intermittent.
Kong Kong: some prunes. They are very sweet.
Elliott: (no reply)
Kong Kong: some prunes. They are very sweet.
Matthew (looking curiously at the bowl of prunes but finishing his rice): Hmmmm...
Kong Kong: some prunes. They are very sweet.
There is a wide variety of fruit. There are oranges, apples, a lone banana, several mango....and of course, the bowl of prunes.
Kong Kong: These prunes are very sweet. Matthew, eat some prunes.
Matthew (in complete innocence asks this question): What do you call it when your poo is stuck?
Me (an incredulous look on my face & somewhat speechless): What?
Matthew: What's the word you use when your poo is stuck?
Tim (in a soft berating tone): Matthew!
Luke: I think I've just lost my appetite. Can I leave now?
Elliott (laughing disgustingly loud): HA HA HA HA....
Ma Ma: Constipated. The word is constipated.
Matthew (with glee): Oh yes!
A few minutes later......
Matthew: MUMMY! Remember when you were constipated in Mammoth (a ski resort in California) and you had to eat a lot of prunes?
Me: Yes, Matt. Thank you. I do remember.

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