Sunday, October 21, 2007

Running with 8000 other women...
We were a sea of red. It took me just about 3 times longer to complete the distance than the elite runners from Kenya. It was quite inspiring watching them sprint by. We were trudging along at 3km and they had already turned around and were heading back at 6km. This is just after 20 minutes. Think the record was 32 minutes for 10k. I don't know where they get all that power from. What good 'engines' they have. Well, my 42 yr old 'engine' rebelled. For me, I have to maintain my core value of 'fun'. I do these things because most parts of me find it fun. When I find myself starting to think competitively and wanting to get a better time....then it gets less and less fun...and I get annoyed at myself, think negative thoughts about how I should have trained more, blah, blah, blah.....which is not why I joined it in the first place.
So, today was fun. We ran up Nicholl Highway up to Crawford St and back. Most of the run was shaded by buildings and the road was closed for just us. So I soaked it all in. Most of the time we're enclosed in a car whizzing by and never get a chance to look things in detail.
I have to confess though. Think it would've been nicer if I had the help of a bicycle. It's just so much more efficient with two wheels!

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