Monday, September 26, 2005

The 10 Daily Exercises - by George Eifermen
1. A Good Eye Exercise
See also the perfection in others. See the everlasting beauty in human kindness.
2. A Good Tongue Exercise
Speak from the heart instead of the mouth.
3. A Good Facial Exercise
A smile oft repeated.
4. Hearing Exercise
When we speak we learn nothing. Listening is the teacher. Then speak.
5. Brain Exercise
Think only constructive thoughts. Good reading is to the mind what exercise
is to the body.
6. Leg Exercise
Walk toward knowledge, wisdom, health, and brotherhood of all men.
7. Breathing Exercise
Inhale the great works of music, art, literature, and philosophy. Exhale
spitefulness and other negative thoughts.
8. Strength Exercise
Have the strength to endure when things are unendurable, to pass the next
test after failing the recent one.
9. Heart Exercise
Have the heart to "constructively" improve self, our environment,
community, and country.
10. Soul Exercise
We are never alone.
Walk with God.

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