Friday, September 23, 2005

Inner Me vs Outer Me
Been listening to Jamiroquai's latest album - I really like it. There's one song where the lyrics go, "There's a hole in my soul and I'm losing control.....". This may sound kind of 'off' but I somehow connected it to something I had read. It defined character as what we are when nobody sees us. Well, the funny but true thing is that we are real good about spending time and effort on our outer appearances. You know, the clothes we wear, the things we say, the impressions of ourselves we want to leave with can be like a facade.

I think there will always be a gap between what we are inside and what we appear to be to other people. That's just the way we are. If it's a small gap, that's ok. But if somewhere along the way, the gap gets bigger and bigger.....that's probably not ok. Only the Big Boss up there knows the inner me. I find that comforting....and frightening at the same time. Nowhere to hide.

So the thing is. I should spend at least the same amount of time taking care of inner me as I do on outer me. Probably should be more time - after all, that's what counts. It's been said that circumstances never make or break anyone; they merely reveal the person.

Back to the song. What if there is a hole in my soul? What if I'm leaking.......very slowly, but still leaking? Nobody would really know.........except the Big Boss up there. From what I understand, no leaky hole will go unplugged.........not for long anyway.

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