Saturday, September 17, 2005

I can't seem to tag on OC blog anymore - get an error msg.
But I need to say a bunch of thank yous.
I think it's amazing, and wonderful, that Chris, Asher & I share the same birthday.
Happy Birthday Chris!
Happy Birthday Asher!
Big thank you to Chris for the really yummy cake. It was devoured at the facilitators' meeting today. ALL the guys had second helpings!
Also want to thank those who wished on the tagboard - Chris, Pong, Yiling & Mel. Thank you too Claris, as I was walking towards you guys just now & also Cheryl, for linking this blog. Thanks Patrick & gang for the card.

Patrick put 2 candles on my cake and that really made my day. It's wonderful to be 20 yrs old. (actually that doesn't really compute because Elliott is 13 yrs and that would mean I was 7 yrs old when I delivered him - but let's just overlook that).

Some funny things that happened today. While I was sitting in the car with the windows down waiting for the boys, I was blessed by a bird on the arm. It's not the kind of blessing I was hoping for. Orangey, moist & splattered all over. Fortunately I had tissue on hand to quickly wipe it away. Good thing I didn't smell funny after that. Then at lunch with my in-laws, I had a cake that had an extra candle on it! I'm already in denial about being 20 yrs old (ok lah, 20 yrs twice over). I couldn't wait for the birthday song to be finish so I could protest about the extra candle!!


PEW said...

Ming Ying, so good to see you here. This is definitely happeningz!!

pong said...

hey 20-year old mom. welcome to this side of the universe. hang on. its gonna get scarily fun :)

chernwei said...

Hey Mingying!! Wah... et tu? Oh well - it'll be cool to hear what's on the minds of the real adults in the OC ;) Can't wait to hear your further musings :)

Chris said...

No wonder Chern & I weren't offered any cake when we popped in! I gave you a hug leh...What? No cake for me?? Hee...

cheryl said...

wheee! we have lotsa cool uncles and aunties! :D