Thursday, October 27, 2005

God's Workshop...
Max Lucado's The Great House of God was un-put-downable, for me anyway. He has great illustrations. This book explains the nuances of the Lord's Prayer by illustrating it with the floor plan of a house. That God's greatest desire is to be our dwelling place - a home for our hearts.
I particularly liked the way he described how creation & all of us in it is God's workshop. If anyone wants evidence of God, just look around.

Behold the sun! Every square yard of the sun is constantly emitting 130,000 horse power, or the equivalent of 450 eight-cylinder automobile engines. And yet our sun, as powerful as it is, is but one minor star in the 100 billion orbs which make up our Milky Way Galaxy....
Consider the earth! Our globe's weight has been estimated at six sextillion tons (a six with twenty-one zeros). Yet it is precisely tilted at twenty-three degrees; any more or less and our seasons would be lost in a melted polar flood. Though our globe revolves at the rate of one-thousand miles per hour or twenty-five million miles per day or nine million miles per year, none of us tumbles into orbit. Our God who "stretches the northern sky out over the empty space and hangs the earth upon nothing" (Job 26:7) also created an invisible band of gravity to hold us secure.

In a earlier blog I had written about how Isaiah also knew (amazingly!) that the earth was round. Both Job & Isaiah lived like......close to 2500 years ago.

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