Monday, October 03, 2005

Safe in a Crazy World........
This is a wonderful album from Corinne May. She writes her own stuff (excellent lyrics with great melodies), plays the piano & has the kind of mellow voice that I really, really like. At the risk of sounding biased, she also doesn't sound local at all. The title song of the same name is my favourite track at the moment. I can listen to it over and over and over just connects with my soul.
The lyrics in the chorus go:
You keep me flying
You keep me smiling
You keep me safe in a crazy world
You understand me
Embrace my fragility
You keep me safe in a crazy world

The headlines in the newpapers the last week really point to the fact that we live in a crazy world. That picture of the artic ice having melted so much already was a real eye opener for me. The damage is already done....we'll definitely face the consequences. Then that dreadful warning about how a worldwide flu pandemic is very, very real. The statistics are staggering - about 150 million people can be wiped out. There's no way to imagine that number of people........unless I think about the grains of sand on the beach.
I felt really sh*tty when I saw the headlines yesterday about Bali. Terrible...terrible news. What is wrong with these people? This is the crazy world we live in. In so many ways, it's all gone wrong. All the more, I need to believe that in the in all movies, there is a happy ending. The good guys win, the bad guys lose. Good always, always triumphs over evil.
In another of Corinne May's songs, she writes:
There are a thousand reasons
Why I should give up
But I'm stubborn in the things I believe

I am 'Forever Grateful' (another good song but by Mark Altrogge) for the things I believe in. It is after all....the truth.

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PEW said...

Ming Ying, you write and blog very well...we should have you as a regular feature in our church newsletter...WOOT!