Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A little concerned with the language that the boys hear when they play xbox. Very colourful swear words which may be subliminally picked up and unconsciously repeated aloud. I understand we all need to exclaim aloud sometimes. So I ask what their favourite comic book characters say & give these my approval.
From Asterix there's the following assortment: By Toutatis! By Jupiter! By Mercury! Hmmph! Grummmph!
Interestingly, Tintin doesn't ever exclaim. But I'm partial to Captain Haddock's fave: Thundering Typhoons!
OK, sounds weird but way better than 'sh*t' & 'd*mn'.


auntymich said...

yup, also the blood gore violence altho how does one tell how much is too much?

cheryl said...

haha, i still dont understand why people game, when my friends tell me they're gaming, i'll call them a saddist.

the logic- if kill i kill you and you kill me doesn't sound saddistic. then, that sounds wrong. how can you laugh and enjoy killing each other. wrong! wrong! wrong! sick! sick! sick!

mingying said...

ah...good. someone else who doesn't understand the appeal of gaming (:

PEW said...

Hallo...not all games killing people wan hor...one day must invite you guys over to play driving games with the full sound system...then you will appreciate it lor...then again...you might not...sigh

chernwei said...

I thought Cap'n Haddock's fav line was "Blistering barnacles!" :D

mingying said...

hey ur right!