Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Assessment Book Mania
Paid the requisite visit to Popular Book Store recently. This is an annual ritual that every self respecting parent does on behalf of the good of their children. Or so we like to think. Doesn't matter that most of the previous year's assessment books are lying around the home either unfinished or....worst, untouched. It's the thought that counts.
Friends who know me well can attest to the fact that I'm a fairly laid-back person. On my part, I do make the effort to try to look at life from a big picture perspective. There's more to a person than academic achievements. However, as I was strolling around Popular that morning, I succumbed. It started off just to find the specified books listed by the tuition teacher for one son. Next thing I knew I had selected a rather tall stack for all three sons.
There was a kid and his mother standing behind me in line at the cashiers. When it was my turn to pay, the kid had a glance at the stack I presented and then took a good look at me. If eyes could speak, this is what I imagine he was thinking:
Wah liau! Glad you're not my mudder man!
I shot back a non-chalant glance in his direction:
Aye! No school today ah!


auntymich said...

haha i just convinced my P4 son to double his math all of 30 mins a week from i did the popular run too!

PEW said...

Wah lau, glad you not my mudder ah....ha ha ha ha ha