Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Storm at Sea
I must record my joy that I'm not coughing my guts out anymore. I did spend all of yesterday blowing my nose though. This is from being caught in the storm out at sea on Sunday. The plan was to deliver Platu (friend's boat) from Sentosa Cove (a lovely place with some nice $ boats) to Raffles Marina (another lovely place with equally nice $ boats). Don't be misled though......Platu is a small, simple sail boat.

It was blazing hot and there was no wind when we left Sentosa mid-day. So we motored. It was quite boring really. Putting along at a snail's pace going past Alexandra port and watching cranes lifting container after container onto huge tankers. Quite humbling too.....puny little sailboat creeping next to tankers that are a few hundred feet long and 30m storey high.

The storm clouds were hanging over the direction we were headed. Several hours later, the wind picked up so we motor-sailed. We were clipping along nicely at 5km/hr but there was a strong tide working against us also. Before we knew it, we were smack in the middle of the storm. Sent the boys down into the cabin to stay dry and also get out of the way. Gave me some peace of mind to not have to keep an eye out for them & worry that they'll fall overboard. It was really blowing. The boat was heeled over so much that the engine was humming because it was out of the water. Finally turned that off. Those monsoon storms and winds are really powerful.
We were doing close to 8km/hr.

Visibility dropped also because of the pelting rain. The sea is a foreboding place when it's alive with waves. Sort of like...man against the elements. Mother nature's wrath. One's safety depends on the seaworthiness and reliability of the equipment. And so I prayed.....rather fervently. Was thinking about how Paul could remain so calm and collected when he was in a storm & got shipwrecked. And how human it is to turn to God when there is a tinge of fear from lack of control (be it environmental or circumstanstial) . It's like when you realize that there really aren't any other alternatives and so acknowledge the Almighty and plead for mercy.

It's surreal now as I reflect on it. Sitting here cozily tapping away on the keyboard. Surrounded by comfort and security of home...and land. Makes me wonder a little. When I am in my comfort zone I would think I am self-reliant and not see nor feel the need to acknowledge nor communicate with my Maker.

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glad u got back safely