Monday, January 23, 2006

What is Your Worldview?
Think most people would agree that the world we live in is quite a mess. Poverty, war, bird flu pandemic. Stress....everyone has it. Just open the newspaper to get a daily dose of bad news. Some fundamental questions of life. Why is the world like that? Is this the way it was meant to be? Is there a solution?
Heard it defined today that a worldview is the mental framework in which we make sense of our reality. It determines our perspective on life and the kinds of decisions we make.
The secular worldview is that this is our only life and we should enjoy it to the full. Eat, drink & be merry. Sometimes that is mixed in with the materialistic worldview. Money makes the world go round. Have to make money....the more the merrier. Then there's the postmodern worldview. There is no absolute truth. Everything is relative. What is true for you may not be true for me. Tolerance is the name of the game.
What is the biblical worldview? That the Bible is true and inspired by God. Reading and studying the Bible gives one a God's eye view of life. That there is a reason why the world is like that and more importantly, there is a solution for it.

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