Monday, March 24, 2008

Litespeed Tuscany
This bike is made of titanium. No, I don't own it. It costs something like $11K. Maybe one day...if I'm mad enough. I saw one of these at the bike shop the other day. The owner let me pick it up & even offered to let me test ride it. But I didn't....just looking at it, I knew it cost a bomb. It was light as a feather. Just amazing. Thing is...titanium is a lot stronger than carbon. My road bike is aluminium. Most people upgrade to carbon frame after being bitten by the bug. But I'm thinking....if I had the $$$, skip the carbon and upgrade straight to titanium. Then again, it's not the's the 'engine' that makes the difference. My 'engine' is kinda out of tune...but trying.

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