Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter getaway.....
It's going to be a gals weekend in Hong Kong. Leaving my husband & boys for some R&R with fellow 41 yr olds. Had this planned since January. Now it's here. It'll be a blast. Bought 1kg of Gourmet Bak Kua for my pal so she can feed her zits. It looks positively deadly - streaky bacon bak kua strips. I know it's supposed to be vacuum sealed but then I don't want to risk having my clothes smell like bak kua. Also lazy to hand carry so this is my mind-boggling dilemma for the moment. I'm procrastinating now. Actually there's a sky high pile of laundry on my bed waiting to be folded. I'm so beat I think there's a possibility I might fall asleep amongst the pile. I'm going to miss my dog but she's going to miss me even more. She'll be absolutely delirious when I get back on Sunday night. So delirious she might even bite me! Well, I better go. Maybe I should just push the laundry pile to one side of the bed so there's enough space to sleep. Deal with it tomorrow. Ha!

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