Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good & Bad Sales Service
Yesterday evening Jean Danker & Rod Monteiro were playing a phone trick live on radio. It was hilarious. I was driving at the time & I was laughing so hysterically, my eyes were tearing & I couldn't see the road properly. Jean Danker made a call and was making inquiries about yoga & pilates classes. Rod Monteiro was making increasingly loud farting noises in the background to give the impression it came from Jean. It sounded very authentic. The sales person was spectacular. Throughout the entire call, he was utterly composed and sounded very earnest. Some of the off beat inquiries included how yoga or pilates could help Jean combat her gassy problem, whether the room was small or big and if it was well scented in the event of her flatulence, and what this sales person could recommend for her to decrease her gaseousness. In the end, they let him in on the prank and bestowed on him some "Best Sales Service" award.

Bad service. I was killing some time at Toa Payoh Central yesterday in between running errands. Went to check out a few health & beauty shops - you know, the type that sells the gamut from cosmetics to shampoo to any sort of toiletries. There are always a few competitors & they're always next to each other. Must be tough for business but I think it's great for consumers. Thought I'd pick up some zit cream for my zits (yes, been eating a lot of chocolates again). Was torn between two brands. Then one sales lady offered her help.
Me: Which brand do you recommend?
Sales Lady: Is this for you?
Me: Yes...need something for my pimples.
SL:'s for you ah (starts to examine my face in detail)
Me: Yes? (waiting expectantly for an answer)
SL: (continues to look disdainfully at my face...specifically at my pimples)
Me: Err....(furrowed eyebrows..then raised eyebrows indicating I'm still waiting)
SL: (doesn't say anything just continues looking at my face)
Me: Err....Which of these brands is more popular?
SL: Hmmm...actually it depends on what you like lah. (eyes still fixated on my pimples)
Me: Yes...thank you. Think I'll just take this one.
Sheesh! As if I'm not having a bad enough time dealing with my face!

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Chris said...

I know exacly what you mean! When I had acne problem on my forehead several years ago, I was constantly approached by those beauty sales promoters at Guardian, older shopping malls, et cetera. Instead of taking to me (and keeping eye contact), they look and talk to my forehead! *Grrr*