Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bathing Baobei......
Was all sweaty & gross after my morning run today. Twas a good time give the doggie the overdue bath. Every now and then, Baobei goes through a shedding phase. It's pretty unappetizing for everyone because there is hair all over the place. Doesn't help that the gentle breeze that blows in also creates a whirlwind of tiny dog hairs scattering about. Personally I find the various hair clumps most disgusting. It's a sufficient mass to pick up as a clump. Like a hair ball. All this leads to the necessity of vacuuming the kitchen a few times a day. Tim suggested I shave her completely. Hmmm......I just might.

The bath itself is quite an experience for both of us. It's downright backbreaking for me. Sends her into the shivers. There I am working up a luxurious lather with all that hair she's got....and there she is, her legs shivering from the perceived trauma I'm putting her through. I don't know why she doesn't like to bathe. I'm as gentle as can be and am talking to her throughout the whole process. It always ends with the requisite powerful 'flick'. You get all the water out of the body. Sends a 360 degree spray of fine droplets of water within a 2-3 metre radius of everything in its path. Today I was wearing my spectacles, so you fellow goggle-eyed compadres will know what that does!

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