Tuesday, February 28, 2006

John Eldredge
When two people recommend something, I think it's a prompting that requires action on my part. And so I find myself reading The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge. Halfway through now. Very engaging. On one of my favourite topics - deep matters of the heart.
Sharing some sentences that have struck me:
At its core, Christianity begins with an invitation to desire.

But Jesus is quite clear when he speaks of eternal life, what he means is life that is absolutely wonderful and can never be diminished or stolen from you.

We don't need more facts, and we certainly don't need more things to do. We need Life, and we've been looking for it ever since we lost Paradise.

The greatest enemy of holiness is not passion; it is apathy. Look at Jesus. He was no milksop. His life was charged with passion.

Once upon a time there lived a sea lion who had lost the sea.

Think we are like that sea lion. We live in the desert, find shelter under a scraggly tree and derive momentary, fleeting joy from our little muddy water hole. For the most part, we have forgotten what the sea was like and worst still, often lose the desire to get back to sea........where we really belong.

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