Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY 2006
Some snippets of what's been said and done.

On the First Day of the Year of the Dog, I met and was totally enchanted by Felicia, an Italian waterdog. She's a greyish brown dog that looks like a poodle. One of only two in Singapore. She only understands Swedish. Quite unique to watch a Burmese maid speaking Swedish to an Italian dog.

My pimple count: One on my left eyebrow. Two on my forehead. Two on my chin.

Tim (to the boys): If you see Mummy going for the candy, just smack her hand.
Boys (with glee): OK! OK!
Me: Tsk.

Elliott juggling kum.
Me: You better not drop that...

Boys (groaning in the car after the umpteenth visit): Are we going home now?

Things I enjoyed eating the most: Aunty Letty's 'burnt' almond cookies, Aunty Choo's moist carrot cake.

Tim (deeply disappointed that we can't make Aunty May's lunch this year due to clash in days): I don't care. I want to eat Shanghainese nian gao now.

Boys (enroute home...finally...looking somewhat forlorn): Will you let us play Xbox when we get home?

Was great to see Uncle Eng Kheng, despite his failing health, in such a jolly mood and chatting away like I've always known him to be.

Something sobering. Receiving news of a friend's brother who succumbed to cancer on second day of CNY. Went to the wake last night. Reminded me of Christmas eve when I received news of a friend who also succumbed to cancer.

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