Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Was loitering around the kitchen mid morning. Mouth feeling itchy. Spied a big pack of Doritos Cooler Ranch! chips. Tore it open. Told myself I'd eat just a couple to hit the spot. Then the phone rang. Was trapped in a conversation. Actually I was listening and didn't have to say much. Old friend. So I continued eating. The conversation went on for longer than I expected. Kept eating. Couldn't stop myself. Except every now and then to lick the salt & stuff from my fingers. Polished off half the pack. Sigh. Choose to blame the friend who called for keeping me on the phone and inadvertently making me snack longer than I intended.
Get this 'since I already ate so much junk food what's a little more' sensation. Open the fridge. Open the fridge drawer. Grab a Delfi chocolate cereal crunch bar. Tore it open. Indulged. Sometimes it feels so good to be bad.

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